Why AAP’s Sanjay Singh Suspended from Rajya Sabha for ‘This Kind of Behavior’s’ During Remaining Monsoon Session?

File photo of AAP MP Sanjay Singh. (Image/ PTI)

Sanjay Singh Suspended: Leader of the House Piyush Goyal moved the motion to suspend AAP leader Sanjay Singh, which was adopted by the House by voice vote

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh was on Monday suspended from Rajya Sabha for the entire Monsoon session for repeatedly “violating” the directives of the chair.

Leader of the House Piyush Goyal moved the motion to suspend him, which was adopted by the House by voice vote.

Before the motion was moved, Rajya Sabha chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar had called out Sanjay Singh for his “unruly behaviour” and cautioned him.

Soon after suspending Singh, the chairman adjourned the proceedings till 2 PM as opposition members continued to create uproar in the House. They were demanding a statement from the prime minister in the House on the Manipur issue.

When the House proceedings resumed at 12 PM, opposition members were raised slogans, demanding that the prime minister makes a statement in the House on Manipur.

Amid uproar by opposition members, the chairman announced that the Question Hour will be taken up. The Question Hour continued for a few minutes amid the din, when Sanjay Singh moved into the well and pointed out at the chairman.

He was first asked to go back to his seat. When he did not, Dhankhar said, “I name Sanjay Singh”. Piyush Goyal then got up and said he wanted to move a motion to suspend Singh.

“This kind of behaviour ….and disturbing the House is completely against the ethics and rules of the House. The government wants to move a motion to suspend Sanjay Singh,” Piyush Goyal said, requesting the chair to take action against Sanjay Singh.

As soon as the chair allowed Goyal to move the motion, he said, “I move the motion that Sanjay Singh, who has been named by the chair, be hereby suspended from the rest of the duration of the session until the last day of this current session.”

The chairman responded, “The motion is that Sanjay Singh is suspended for the entire duration of this session having repeatedly violated the directives of the chair” and asked the House if it approved it. The House then approved the motion by raising hands and with voice vote.

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